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STEAM XPRESS curriculum

All Aboard the STEAM XPRESS curriculum

The All Aboard the STEAM XPRESS curriculum integrates science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) concepts into unique, hands-on applied learning experiences in the following 10 modules. These modules are designed to introduce children to STEAM-related concepts while helping children construct the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed for learning through project-based investigations

1. Space and Earth

This module introduces children to space and earth. Applied learning experiences in this module focus on earth’s systems, human impacts on the earth, and the many marvels of earth and space.

2. Plants and Animals

This module covers all things plants and animals. Heavily rooted in life sciences, the Plants and Animals module will touch on topics such as the five senses, living and non-living things, and life cycles among other topics.


3. Agriculture

This module cover topics in the area of agriculture and food production. Applied learning experiences focus on farming, soil cultivation for the growing of crops, and how animals provide food, clothing, and other produce. This module also focuses on the farm to table food production process.


4. Weather

This module introduces children to concepts related to weather. All about Weather investigates the sun and the moon in relation to weather, weather patterns and so much more.

Chain Reactions

5. Chain Reactions

This module introduces children to concepts which help to build the foundation for chemistry and physics. Applied learning experiences focus on how physical properties of materials change and evolve. This module also dives into using scientific inquiry to conduct scientific investigations.

Creative Minds

6.Creative Minds

This module reviews the five disciplines of art (music, dance, theatre, media, and visual). Creative Minds is designed to help children tap into and enhance their creative expression while exploring how the arts play a critical role in innovation and the design and development of many of the objects and structures present today.

7. Money Matters

This module will take a unique approach to mathematics by incorporating financial literacy concepts through simple activities. Applied learning experiences seek to provide children with the foundation to not only understand mathematics, but also money, its value, and how it’s used.

Motion Gravity and Machines

8. Motion, Gravity, and Machines

This module introduces children to motion, gravity, and their relationship with simple machines. Applied learning experiences allow children to explore and create simple machines through activities designed specifically to help them grasp an understanding of how machines work while learning about concepts such as cause and effect.

Engineering Structures

9. Engineering Structures

Engineering Structures introduces children to engineering design and the process used to develop a project from conception to finish. This module focuses on experiences that allow children to use problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills to design and develop models of objects and structures.

10.World of Technology

This module covers all things technology. Through World of Technology, learners will examine the origins of technology, learn about various technological tools and how those tools are used to make life on the planet better. World of Technology also provides children with an introduction to computational thinking and concepts used to build and/or create technology. This module also focuses on learning basic coding concepts by using directional directives to command objects.

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